Thursday, November 8, 2012


It's that lovely time again, when I have to go to the lovely hospital and wait an hour to get my mum's lovely medication. Lovely! And to make things even... lovelier, the doctor is late so it's going to take even longer. I don't understand the inefficiency and downright lack of professionalism in hospitals here, it drives me nuts. This hospital especially, I spent a good portion of the worst days of my life here and it always puts me a little on edge having to be here. Always. I usually have someone accompanying me, but I'm on my own today. *sad face*

I found a blogger app on the App Store, I'm basically posting to both alleviate my boredom by making time go by faster and to test it out. I'm gonna just start listing random things on my mind now, and you can't stop me 'cause well.. you just can't.

- I feel I'm a little schizophrenic when I post on here, I really am just talking to myself in public, it's not like anyone's really reading this.

- I hate kids who stare openly at me, I don't feel like they should be held to an easier set of rules 'cause they don't know better, polite is polite. hmph. This kid next to me is staring, so I stared back until he looked away. THAT'S HOW IT SHOULD BE. Others have the audacity to just keep staring and like, enough already you creepy midgets. :(

- I make about 10,000 useless trips to the supermarket a day with my cousins, solely to listen to music and scream along to it in my car. It's awesome and embarrassing 'cause we almost always get caught by people in cars next to us who then proceed to make fun of us or follow us home. I don't even know why they'd do that!

- LOL at arabs celebrating Obama's extended presidency. It tickles me how involved they are in this election that has nothing to do with them, there's being influenced by American culture, then there's deluding yourself into thinking you're American. But whatever, I'm not going to pretend to be interested in politics, I just found it funny.

- My dad, who avoids hospitals at all costs is getting a full checkup done. This is worrisome, I'm very concerned, but I'm trying not to expect the worst.

- The other doctor just arrived, hopefully they'll give me the prescription back sometime soon. *sigh*

- I know I just posted a song of the week, but my song for today is "Think of You" by A Fine Frenzy. "Just to put your mind at ease, you don't owe me anything, you paid me well in memories." Beautiful.

Okay, my phone is dying and I've already went on for too long. Going to post this now, hopefully it won't share all my pictures, address and number. Don't look at me like that, I don't trust the Internet!

P.S. This is either my lack of sleep or paranoia, but I swear to god, I just heard the child hiss my name. HISS. :(



  1. *comes out of her hiding spot*
    Hi! I’m glad you’re posting more, I love your random posts.
    And I just discovered A Fine Frenzy a couple of hours before reading this post. I find that a little creepy!

  2. i hate it when i have to wait for long hours at the doc... great post:p